About Our Workshops

The Good Lad Initiative aims to equip men to deal with complex gender situations and become agents of positive change within their social circles and broader communities.

Our primary activity is the running of workshops for groups of men within a range of environments including schools, university sports teams, colleges and faculties, and in professional workplaces. Workshops are an hour long and focus upon a diverse range of issues such as consent, sexual harassment, masculinity, peer pressure, banter, social capital, power and responsibility.

The introduction to the workshop draws men into the conversation about issues relating to gender and the role of masculinity, including a discussion on data relevant to their lives, followed by the two frameworks of 'Minimum Standards' and 'Positive Masculinity'.

The focus is on a series of scenarios developed from real life situations which involve difficult issues   and are, therefore, genuinely worthy of reflection. We do not believe that there is a singular correct response to these scenarios, but as a group we can discuss the factors at play and possible positive actions that we could take.

Ultimately, our focus is not upon telling the participants what to do, but rather on equipping them with a powerful, alternative framework with which to decide for themselves.

We also offer women's workshops, designed to educate women on the message from our men's workshop, empower them to challenge their male peers and enable them to continue the discussion as a team after the workshops. Furthermore, and crucially for us, these workshops act as consultation sessions, allowing us to discuss the Good Lad Theory with women and let their voices be heard in the future men's workshops.

As a follow-up, we run mixed workshops for teams that have run single gender sessions, to build on the initial workshops and promote the discussion between the genders.