My Experience of Volunteer Training

By miles mackie

I attended the GLI training In January 2019. It was one of the best training sessions I have done.

From the moment you first arrive at the studio you are greeted in a friendly way. This continues throughout the entire session.

You get to create the rules as to which the next two weekends are defined by and they make a world of difference and create the safe space needed to develop the ideas of gender equality.

Throughout your first session you touch on a lot of sensitive topics that may not get discuss in your day to day life, but are brought up in a comfortable setting where you can voice your opinion before being shut down and knowing that everyone there may not completely agree with you but they understand your point of view and respect that.

You try numerous exercises to develop ideas around gender equality and the objectification of women. All of which make you really think deeply on topics often hid behind stereotypes and stigmas.

The whole session was fantastic and at the end of it you leave knowing a group of people who you can rely on for a discussion about the hard things in life.

For anyone who really wants to make a difference in the world and in people I would recommend that you attend the Good Lad Initiative training and take a proactive step for true equality