Good Lad Initiative has created strong ties with with Universities and Colleges in both the UK and Australia. One our founders is a proud Aussie, and is keen to bring Good Lad back to Aus, through workshops, interviews and media, that you can check out here. 

However, there is something that Australian Universities are currently doing much better than back in the UK. They're being transparent about sexual assaults on University campuses. 

Now why is this important? 

Sexual assault and harassment statistics on University campuses are notoriously flawed, with many universities using information that is misleading and downplaying on current campus trends. 

In the USA, 91% of colleges and universities recorded no incidents of rape in 2015. While a survey at the University of Stanford in California showed that 43.3% of current undergraduate women had been a victim of serious sexual wrongdoing, a stat very similar to the average American University campus. 
 The Atlantic, January 2016  

This trend is used to dissuade a threat of violence to current and future students, and to create a 'norm' of sexual-harassment and sexual-assault free campuses, in which no campus is more dangerous than another. In reality, the statistics say that all campuses are a potential danger to women, with an estimated 1 in 7 women being victims of sexual assault on a UK Campus, this is clearly not the case. 

The recognition of the importance of true statistics in regards to sexual violence on campus, is the first step towards acknowledging the problem, and supporting survivors and victims. With the use of true statistics, University administration will no longer be able to turn a blind eye to one of the biggest problems facing their students today. 

The Good Lad Initiative is excited to see Universities move towards this reality, and we can only hope that this becomes the norm across the UK in the near future. 

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