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Changing University Cultures

For six years we've been changing attitudes and behaviours at UK universities.

We began by working within Lad culture. We took a positive attitude and taught men that they could do more than the minimum, that they could drive positive change. They spoke openly about gender, learnt about the perspectives of others and consequences of some behaviours. Conversations led to pragmatic steps and changing cultures.

How we work in universities

WHAT? We offer a series of 1.5 hour interactive workshops for students in university teams, colleges and societies. They are fun, engaging and challenge participants to think about the ways in which gender inequality exists in their lives. Each workshop is delivered by specially trained volunteer facilitators who don’t lecture or tell participants what to think, but instead open up honest and constructive conversations in ways that are meaningful and relevant to students.

WHO? Workshops are primarily delivered to men, with one of the follow on workshop options being to engage in mixed-gender dialogues about gender and masculinity. Workshops are available for both under-grad and post-grad students and we also have a programme that delivers gender equality training to University Staff - email Dan Guinness for more information on this.

The context in which we work

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our impact

Individuals have had revelations during our workshops, and team cultures have transformed. 

Over three quarters of participants report that the workshops gave them a chance to reflect on their own values and actions, challenge group norms, and that they felt better equipped to act positively in complex gender situations.

Eight out of every ten participants report that they would recommend our workshops to another team or university.

BOok a uni workshop

For information on workshops in Oxford please contact our Oxford Coordinator Tom Hornbrook, for general information, please contact Director Dan Guinness.


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