In 2015 Comic Relief funded a roll-out of our workshops in six South London secondary schools, working with year-groups of boys on multiple occasions over three years. As well as our standard introduction workshops (3 hours long) which look at masculinity, gender stereotypes and the pressure to “be a man”, we also developed and delivered a raft of follow-on sessions (1.5-2 hours in duration) which looked in more depth at: sexual orientation and homophobia, violence, porn and mental health.

This project enabled us to undertake in-depth research in to the impact of our workshops and the ways in which giving boys these much needed spaces for discussion positively impacted the schools as a whole. The final report is due in December 2018 and will be published here.

Funded by the European Commission, the two-year IMAGINE project enabled us to collaborate with European partners (MÄN from Sweden and Emancipator from the Netherlands) to deliver sexual violence and sexual harassment prevention workshops in schools in our respective countries.

IMAGINE has been a joint effort by the project partners to develop and implement a gender-transformative violence prevention toolkit in Europe. We have trained volunteers in gender equality work, violence prevention and facilitation skills and have reached over 1,500 young men to explore and challenge dominant forms of masculinity which value aggression and dominance and treat violence as inevitable at best, necessary at worst. Together we have worked to promote respect for women, challenge violence and foster healthy relationships for all.

Read the IMAGINE Toolkit

At the end of the project in summer 2018 the partners came together in Amsterdam to launch the Toolkit and share their findings with other European organisations. Check out the video of the event from Swedish partner MÄN.