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Rigid gender stereotypes impact everyone, can have negative consequences in the short and long term and contribute to gender inequality. We’re starting a vital conversation about the state of gender inequality that helps boys become aware of the issues, but crucially, also makes them part of the solution. See below for stats on young people and gender in the UK today.

Why have programs in school?



We run a 3 hour participatory workshops with all the boys in a year group; we split them into groups of 20 each of which is facilitated by 2 of our fantastic volunteers. This means that we have plenty of time for high quality, thoughtful discussion. Our approach is to get the boys learning from each other as well as from us. We don’t claim to have all the answers - and tell the boys that from the start - we’re there to get them talking, questioning and thinking about the issues in new ways.

What do we do? 




We work with boys in Year 8 and above in UK schools, we work mainly around London and the south-east but are trying to expand further afield each year. We have substantial experience working with all types of schools: mixed, all boys, state, grammar, independent, PRU and outside of term time we can work with youth groups too.

With Whom? 

Why should you do this work?

Why us and not others? 


Our track record…

Gender inequality affects everyone, everywhere. Learning about it and giving boys the chance to be part of the movement for change should be as normal a part of the school curriculum as alcohol awareness or sex ed. These workshops aren’t for “problem schools” or “difficult children”, they’re for anyone who wants to help their boys learn about equality and be part of a growing movement for change.

Every one of our workshops is run by a pair of highly-trained facilitators who are not only there because they’re talented, but because they really care about the issues. We are constantly adapting; we aim to make our workshops relevant to the experiences of the boys we work with so plan and update our sessions accordingly.

When working with us you won’t have someone simply telling your boys how to behave; we make the boys the central part of the workshop - their ideas, thoughts and feelings are integral to every session. We steer to session along various themes, but let the pupils’ to find their own answers and create their own solutions.

Since 2013 we’ve been honing our expertise in designing and delivering impactful and effective workshops to boys in schools.

In 2015, Comic Relief funded a three year roll-out of our workshops in six South London schools - READ MORE.

In 2016 the European Commission funded IMAGINE a two year, three-country partnership to brought together organisations in Sweden, the Netherlands and the UK who were delivering workshops on sexual violence prevention - READ MORE.


The context in which we work….

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We have an established track record of starting conversations with boys that allows them to see the problems in contexts familiar to them and help them realise that they have had the ability to enact change all along.

Our evaluation data has shown that our workshops lead to:

  • greater understanding of consent and bodily autonomy

  • a reduction in seeing aggression as the go-to response when faced with a difficult situation

  • increased confidence in questioning the views themselves & others hold on issues such as violence, sex and pornography

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