Making Gender Work





When it comes to talking about gender inequality at work, more often than not, men are not seen as part of the solution. But the gender pay gap, workplace sexual harassment, maternity discrimination, and unfair hiring & promotion practices will not be overcome by women simply trying harder nor by women “leaning in”.

Men must be part of this change. But how?

Engaging men in conversations about gender equality can seem daunting - there are lots of potential crossed-wires, insensitivities and awkward language that can make it feel like it’s too much of a minefield to be worth taking on in the first place.

And often men don’t see the ways that they too can significantly benefit from more equal and inclusive workplaces.

We know that half of the battle is getting past men feeling defensive or like masculinity is under attack.

That’s where we come in.

Men upskilled with the right tools and approach can play a crucial role in making a positive impact at all levels of the organisation. Our programmes provide insights and skills to specifically overcome this barrier of engaging men - tailored to the needs of each context.

Our learning process walks men through reactions of defensiveness or anger if they come up to get to a place of honest reflection, recognition of the root causes of the problems, and a firm energy and commitment to doing things differently.

The path to sustainable and genuinely inclusive workplaces is understanding the root of the problems; giving time, energy and resources to unlearn and undo unjust attitudes and practices; and engaging everyone in this process. Men included.

This sounds like a long and arduous process - and for some organisations, it might be. But if business leaders are really serious about creating and fostering genuine inclusivity beyond mere tokenism, then the first step on this journey is realising there are no quick fixes and there are no silver bullets. They may not be easily won, but there are solutions to the problems we see and engaging men is a key part of this puzzle.

Our programmes provide long-term and impactful solutions to workplace inequalities. We utilise our specific expertise in working with men and boys to deliver innovative, engaging, non-judgemental and profound learning experiences - learning experiences that men enjoy and are challenged by; that they feel are emboldening and insightful.

Understanding how gender inequality is linked to, reinforces, and explains other inequalities is a foundational part of our approach and facilitates a truly intersectional learning process. Yes, we have a focus on gender but we never look exclusively at this, instead we use this as a launchpad instead of a destination, as an accessible entry point by which to frame and hold the complexity of exploring the intersections of identities.

All our workplace programmes offer a three phase approach (below) which provides the most impactful and holistic change in the long-term.

Workplace Process.png



Regardless of what we’re doing, we’ll always apply these principles to our work:

  • BESPOKE: Each phase, workshop, or training is, within our learning framework, tailored to the individual needs and context of each organisation, and targeted specifically in industries where we have expertise

  • IMPACTFUL: Changing attitudes, behaviours and workplace cultures is not a quick or an easy job. We look to build long-term and sustainable partnerships with organisations to support them on their genuine and profound learning journeys

  • SCALABLE: All our work is designed to be applicable across all levels of your business and can be rolled-out to large numbers. We know that culture change comes from a combination of “top-down” leadership and a critical mass of staff from other levels spreading and amplifying their learning outside of the sessions; so, we’ve designed different models of deployment to achieve this as efficiently and coherently as possible across your organisation

  • SUPPORTED: Our dedicated team will be there to help you and your staff every step of the way. Whether it’s providing follow-up materials, helping design and run internal events, assisting with policy reviews and updates, suggesting other organisations to partner with, or just talking through questions over the phone - we’re here to make sure you get the most out of us and our expertise.

Workshop Feedback Infographics.png

“GLI provoked ongoing conversations and changes in our office. Our team thoroughly engaged with the interactive workshop, and their feedback was very positive”

- Claire Pace, Managing Director of Operations, Discogs