Our Board

Our active and engaged board are a strength of the organisation


Rachel Cassidy 

Dr Rachel Cassidy (PhD) is a research economist, whose work focuses on improving the welfare of women and girls particularly in developing countries. Her current work includes a large-scale evaluation of a workshop-based intervention on child marriage with men and boys in Pakistan. She also has other projects in Sub-Saharan Africa to understand the effects of domestic violence on women's economic opportunities, and to improve women's access to contraception. She has recently launched a study in the UK on the gender gap in STEM, evaluating a scheme to encourage girls to take Maths and Physics at A-Level.

Rachel has five years' experience of teaching economics in UK universities, including undergraduate and MBA courses. She also has four years' experience facilitating GLI workshops with female and mixed groups, across secondary schools, business schools, policy schools and workplaces


Nikolas Kirby 

Dr Nikolas Kirby is a current Research Fellow in Philosophy and Public Policy, at the Blavatnik School of Government within the University of Oxford. He has worked in law, politics and academia and continues to integrate these interdisciplinary sectors through his endeavours. He is the Director of the Building Integrity Programme at the Blavatinik school, which aims to establish a permanent multi-disciplinary institution focused on research and integrity within public institutes. To find out more about Nik's work with the Building Integrity Programme, click here

Nik is also a Trustee at the Aurora Foundation, which aims to provide scholarships to Australian indigenous students. He further serves as an academic advisor to the Weidenfeld Hoffman Trust.

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David Llewellyn

Dr David Llewellyn received his PhD in Clinical Medicine at the University of Oxford in 2014. During his time at Oxford he co-founded the Good Lad Initiative and continued to further the goals of GLI while providing guidance to new facilitators after graduating. David remains as a facilitator on the GLI team.

David currently acts as the CEO of the Oxford based biotech company DJS Antibodies, which designs and discovers novel therapeutic monoclonal antibodies against G-protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs). 

Once an Australian representative in Canoe Slalom, David is now busy reminiscing on the distant memories of his own athletic fitness. He is also an enthusiastic veggie gardener in his spare time and remains a consultant on gender politics and education. 


Willy Oppenheim

Dr Willy Oppenheim is an educator, a researcher, and the leader of the social enterprise Omprakash . The basic premise was to create a platform connecting volunteers with social impact opportunities around the world. He received a Rhodes Scholarship and went on to earn his doctorate in Education from Oxford University. His Ph.D. research focused on demand for girls' schooling in rural Pakistan. While at Oxford he was among the founding Board members of Good Lad Initiative, and has continued to serve in that role by offering insights from his experience pertaining to gender, education, and non-profit leadership.  Willy has worked in classrooms in the United States, India, Pakistan, and China, and in the wilderness as a faculty member at the National Outdoor Leadership School. He currently teaches at the University of Washington and continues to lead Omprakash and its newest initiative, Omprakash EdGE, which is an online pre-departure volunteer training program intended to help university students enrich their international learning and impact. When not engaged in his teaching or other initiatives, Willy enjoys rock climbing, telemark skiing, playing guitar, and baking bread.


Elizabeth Murray

Dr Elizabeth Murray graduated with a PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Oxford. She then transitioned into a career in management consultancy with McKinsey & Company, including work on good governance practices in NGOs and social enterprises. Based in Australia she is part of the steering committee for our Australian work. A talented athlete, Liz brings her insights into sporting pressures and team cultures to our work in universities.

An enthusiastic traveler (for work and pleasure), Liz has been known to join meetings from all corners of the globe.