Meet The Team

Dr. Dan Guinness


Dan’s unique combination of super efficient and deeply laid back makes him phenomenally qualified to lead Good Lad. In fact, it is this leadership, alongside his gentleness, authenticity and dedication that makes him particularly good at getting people on board with our work - from potential funders and new volunteers, to auditoriums full of academics and energetic rugby teams. Dan has a PhD in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Oxford and has completed two four-year research project based in Fiji and Argentina, one as part of the ERC funded project 'Globalization, Sport, and the Precarity of Masculinity', which primarily studied the changing masculinities in the Global South, particularly the emergence of sports migration as a dominant aspiration among many men. Dan used to play professional rugby but these days he is more likely to be found biking around his Amsterdam neighbourhood, doing yoga and cooking.



Ben Hurst

Head of Facilitation and Training

Ben is a talented and versatile facilitator and he’s most at home in front of a rowdy group of young people or steering a new cohort of volunteers through complex issues. Ben’s warmth, humour, and energy (aka his legendary charm!) are central in building and maintaining our volunteer community and in getting people on board with our approach and mission. Ben has a wealth of experience in working with young people having previously worked at sex education charity ACET UK (Esteem) and gaining a degree in Youth Work and Theology from Regents Theological College. Outside of work, Ben is a photographer and artist. He runs music events via Soulfeatures and Scotch Bonnet as well as providing freelance facilitation via Space for PSHE and co-delivering critical whiteness and anti-racist practice training with Decology.



David Brockway

Schools Project Manager

David is the formidable organiser of our Schools programme and a vital force in our volunteer community. Whether it’s liaising with schools, training new volunteers, running a workshop, or talking on Woman’s Hour David brings his unique blend of honesty, kindness and dedication to everything he does. David has worked in engaging men and boys since 2015 prior to which he worked for children care & protection charity Family for Every Child and at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office conference centre, Wilton Park. David has a degree in International Relations & Development from the University of Sussex and when he’s not at work he can be found climbing boulders, enjoying the great outdoors and despairing about the state of the world.


Renaisi Gender Work Conference_1.jpg

Rebecca Collins

Head of workplace training

Rebecca is the heartbeat of the whole operation. She communicates our projects to the rest of the world, raises funds, trains our new volunteers and keeps all of our existing projects fresh and on-point. On top of all this, she can be found facilitating in workplaces and universities, and always puts care & attention into keeping the rest of the team in working order. Rebecca’s been putting her heart & soul into making real change to men’s attitudes toward gender equality since 2015. Before this, she worked at legal rights charity The AIRE Centre and volunteered at a counsellor on the Women and Girls Network sexual violence helpline. She has an MA in Human Rights from UCL and a BA in English & Philosophy from the University of Leeds. Outside of work Rebecca is a writer, photographer and artist and is a freelance consultant and trainer/facilitator on gender, equality and masculinities. One day she would like to live the country life with lots of animals, but for now, she is happy in London spending time with family and friends.



Tom Hornbrook

university project

Tom’s super organised, thoughtful and engaging way of working has revolutionised our delivery to university sports teams and colleges and he has done wonders in curating a committed hub of volunteers. When he's not helping run workshops, Tom works as Communication Coordinator for MenEngage Alliance. He previously worked for two years managing the communications and fundraising for Peruvian NGO, HOOP and has a masters in Gender Studies from Utrecht University in the Netherlands. In his spare time, Tom can be found strumming away at his guitar or working remotely from all corners of the globe.