Volunteer Facilitators

“I feel incredibly grateful for the way it's helped shape my life in the past few years. I learned a lot on the training, but then I've learned so much since because of having a sense of warm accountability in belonging to this community. And I've made lovely, beautiful friends”

“I’ve gained new skills and it’s given me a lot of confidence which I’ve used in other areas of my life. More importantly, I feel like we’ve had a really impact on the lives of boys”


“After I did my first workshop that I truly realised that I can be an active part of positive change in our society. I'd never worked with kids before, but the workshops often capture their attention and passion in a way that I can never achieve in an office job”


“GLI has changed me hugely. It also helps me to feel optimistic and that hope and change is possible”

University Students

'I have certainly seen a big attitude shift in the big sports teams since I've been here regarding this kind of thing, and I'm sure workshops do drive that improvement.'

'Enjoyable, definitely very different to the usual consent workshop, and that is a very good thing!' 

'It was effective because the scenarios were so relatable and realistic - very thought provoking'

'Really enjoyed it in the end, smart guys doing the presentation, very relatable. It made me even more aware of casual sexism, which I thought I was pretty aware of before. I think that students, especially students involved in sports, should have to do these workshops at the start of uni.'

'I think, the workshop as such was very good and effective in creating a safe space for opening up about experiences and opinions on harassment and consent'